I live in Ljubljana and I am a person who likes to express myself through drawing, painting, dancing and designing. I am self-taught in painting and I have been drawing with a pencil since I was a child, which I continued even during my studies in architecture, while I started painting in 2021. I have always preferred drawing portraits, which remains my great passion to this day.

At the moment, I prefer to paint with acrylic paints, which are the easiest way to achieve the desired shading effect. My shading is not classic realistic shading, but is closer to the 2D technique seen in modern graphic illustrations. In this way, I add a little more modern look to the picture.

My pictures illustrate my experience of the person I am painting. I choose the portrait based on a reference image that I think best reflects their character through facial expressions and body language. The background represents their energy, which is invisible to the eye. Freddie Mercury wears a strong energetic yellow color and a red stripe that slightly resembles a crown and at the same time expresses strength and passion. While  Marilyn Monroe has a dramatic background like old black and white movies and the golden color of Hollywood glamor that matches very well with her sophisticated personality